Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Casefile Clues for Beginners

In response to requests from readers and our reader survey, we are going to start a beginning level Casefile Clues on 8 June 2011. We are tentatively calling this twice a month publication Casefile Clues for Beginners. We'll be announcing more about the title over the coming weeks.

This publication will be distributed as a PDF file attachment. There will be no advertising in the newsletter.It will contain:
  • 1 beginning article focusing on a basic topic or source
  • 1 beginning level article focusing on analysis or organizing
  • 2-3 reader questions with answers
One concept we'll discuss is safely taking from online family trees, including:

  • how to evaluate what you find in online trees
  • using those "leaves" at
  • determining when "suggestions" from online sites are "right" and "wrong"
We'll talk about the basics of sources and we'll also look at ways to carefully interact with compiled information others have submitted. We won't tell you to avoid the online trees altogether--that's unrealistic. But we will tell you how not to confuse yourself even more with them.

I will not write newsletter content, but will be directing and choosing topics and exercising editorial control. We won't overburden with theory or citations, but that will be a part of the newsletter content. Our goal is to help make you a better genealogist as you get beyond basic home and online sources. We'll see how you can get beyond the online trees and avoid the pitfalls that trap some just starting out. As with Casefile Clues, our style will be down-to-earth, practical and yet informative and educational.

Visit our blog at for additional details.

Spread the news. Thanks!


  1. Happy to help you get the word out Michael. I did a post tonight to let my readers know about Casefile Clues for Beginners.

  2. Thanks Carol! I do appreciate it--we're trying to keep our expenses as low as possible to keep our subscription rates as low as possible.

  3. This sounds very interesting and I will be sure to let our genealogy group know about it. We have lots of new members just getting started.

  4. Have sent an email to my beginning genealogy class. I've talked to them about the original Casefile Clues, but it may be beyond some of them. This one sounds like a great idea.

  5. Hi just found your site. love it. I have been doing geneology for a couple yrs. but just teaching myself and and I know I am not doing things correctly. looking forward to this helping me.

  6. This sounds very interesting although I do not think of myself as a beginner, there are tips I find helpful from others.