Sunday, May 1, 2011

Casefile Clues--Refer a Friend and Get Free Issues

I really appreciate those who have told others about Casefile Clues. To thank those who have let others know about Casefile Clues, I will extend your subscription by 1 month for every friend who mentions you when subscribing.

Your friend must be a new subscriber and they must use this subscription link. When submitting their subscription order, they should put your name and email in the "instructions" box. The subscription link on this page will "tag" the subscription as a "friend one," so if they omit the address, I will contact them and ask who their sponsor was.

This offer is only valid for subscriptions after the date/time this post runs live.

And until 9:00 AM CST 3 May 2011, get TWO free months when your friend refers you...after that it's 1 free month per friend. Spread the news about Casefile Clues.

Your friend can receive samples of Casefile Clues by emailing

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