Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clarissa Lake's War of 1812 Widow Statement

We discussed Clarissa Lake's Widow's Bounty Land Application in an earlier issue of Casefile Clues (Volume 1-issue 51). That analysis won't be repeated here, but numerous images from the file and an analysis of the records were included.

Recently I've made contact with two descendants of Clarissa who are interested in learning more about her family and that of her husband Richard Lake. Several online trees at have potential parents for Clarissa--but I'm not so certain they are correct.

What I do know is that two Jenkins men sign an affidavit for Clarissa testifying to her marrying Richard Lake. John and Zachariah are those men and they are likely relatives. There are also Jenkins men of an age to be her siblings living near her in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Given the new interest from family, I've added the Lake/Jenkins family to my to do list in Salt Lake. Stay tuned. Tracking families during this time period in this location often requires searching the entire family.

Blog readers who missed our earlier issue can purchase back issues here.

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