Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discoveries in Salt Lake

I'm making a few discoveries in between helping trip participants at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. While the trip is going on my research is really quick lookups and not too much else.

  • Some good, but circumstantial evidence on the father of Benjamin Butler, born ca. 1820 in New York State.
  • Two Civil War pensions may hold the key to the Butler-Stevens family's information in Canada, so I'm holding off on too much research on them until the pensions can be accessed and searched.
  • Got several Amherst County, Virginia, deeds in the 1760-1790 era that explain what probably happened to the widow after her husband died in the 1740s.
We'll have some updates with images on the blog and more detailed information in upcoming issues of Casefile Clues

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