Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Some Things from the National Archives

My usual contact wasn't busy after all, so I'm hoping she'll be able to get documents from 4 files in the National Archives for me Tuesday. That will give me part of Wednesday to use the information in those files for research in Salt Lake. She's not sending the files to be express, but will extract key things from them before she sends the copies.

Part of this is to allow me to make better use of my time while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. Briefly here's the files we are getting, why, and what documents I'm shooting for her to obtain for me:

Rufus D. Stevens

Readers will remember that Rufus appears in the 1850 Michigan census in the household between Benjamin Butler and his likely brother Arvin Butler. Benjamin's wife's maiden name was Stevens and Rufus is the right age to be Benjamin's father-in-law. I'm getting the entire Bounty Land Application just to see what it says. There's the chance that it connects Rufus to the Butlers or that, even if not providing a connection (and I'm thinking it won't), that it at least mentions where Rufus lived after his service in the War of 1812. Even that would help me research him further.

Alfred Butler

Alfred is the son of Benjamin Butler. I'm requesting selected documents from his file--at this stage anything providing his place of birth or information on his origins. Affidavits from comrades, etc. might be helpful. It won't provide parental information, but a place of birth in Canada would be really nice.

Eliza Burch

Eliza Burch is the daughter of Arvin Butler, likely brother of Benjamin. I'm hoping that her widow's application provides her place of birth in Canada, which I need to research the Butler family further.

The Butler applications are really being done in hopes that somewhere in one of them is a location in Canada. At this point, without a precise location there, researching them is difficult and I have decided not to spin my wheels there until I have exhausted all possibilities in US records for determining their places of birth in Canada

Emma Sargent--with the six husbands.

A widow who gets a pension based off her 6th husband's military service. Every genealogist should be so lucky. We discussed in an earlier issue of Casefile Clues why this one is so important to me, but in a nutshell I'm hoping it helps me track down the locations of her divorces.

Stay tuned--we'll have brief updates on the blog and hopefully more detailed discussions of where these records led me in future issues of Casefile Clues.

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