Monday, May 2, 2011

Patent Mentions Line With Same Last Name as In-Law

Clues are everywhere. This is part of a land patent from Harford County, Maryland in 1786 surveyed for John DeMoss. One of the lines mentioned is that of a parcel referred to as "Ramsays Reserve." John's wife was Susannah Ramsey and it doesn't take much to see the potential connection. Immediate step are:
  • Draw out this patent and the other patent granted to DeMoss
  • Determine where Ramsay's Reserve was--find the patent and plat it
  • Determine when/how this property left DeMoss's ownership
  • Evaluate and proceed
We will have short blog updates on this as the work progresses. The patents are online at the Maryland State Archives. The deeds will have to wait until I get to Salt Lake later in the month.

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