Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Plan for the Parents of Benjamin Butler born in New York State about 1820

Issue 36 discusses outlining a research plan for determining the parents of Benjamin Butler born about 1820, most likely in New York State. For reasons that will be clear in the article, the answer to Benjamin's parentage most likely lies in either Michigan or Canada.

This pension card, for one of Benjamin's sons, is used in the analysis. However, the comment about "see Georeg A. Steven's" wasn't discussed. It is probable that Butler's widow married Stevens subsequent to Butler's death, but I'm not certain. Our focus was on outlining a plan to determine Benjamin's parentage.

Alfred's pension may contain indirect clues to help me determine his father Benjamin's parentage. Chances are that Alfred's widow's second husband is not going to help me do that. This card (which is actually the organizational index card that comes from National Archives Microfilm Publication T289) contains enough information to allow me to locate the pension and right now that's my goal. Issue 36 will contain a complete citation to the card.

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