Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rufus D. Stevens War of 1812 Bounty Land Application

I obtained a copy of the Complete War of 1812 Bounty Land Application File and Complete Surrendered Bounty Land Warrant File for Rufus D. Stevens. We'll have a complete citation when the article on Rufus runs in Casefile Clues.

Regular Casefile Clues readers may remember that Stevens has a potential connect to Benjamin Butler and appears next door to him in the 1850 St. Clair County, Michigan census. Butler's wife's maiden name was likely Stevens and it seems highly unusual that a man of that last name, with the age to have been her father is right next door. Rufus D. Stevens is the name of that neighbor in 1850.

The image in this post is one of the pages in Rufus' file.

The file I obtained doesn't contain any direct clues connecting the two men. It does indicate that Rufus D. Stevens was from New York (or served from there). It also indicates where Rufus D. Stevens was in 1852 and his age. I'll have to see how consistent that is with the 1850 census enumeration. Rufus being from New York State would be consistent with this family's apparent migration, but that's really not proof of too much.

Stay tuned. Even if this is not the man I need for Benjamin's father, I'll still have to assemble evidence to show that.

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