Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Date Matches for Emma/Emmar Sargent

The Civil War pension deposition Emmar Osenbaugh gave in 1918 in Clarke County, Iowa, indicated she was born on 20 July 1839. This was inferred from her statement where she states that "I was 79 years of age on July 20th last. Will be 80 years of age on my next birthday."  Emmar also states that her parents were Clark Sargent and Mary Dingman.

I had the Sargent Genealogy, but had not had time to compare what it said about Emma/Emmar with the information she provided. I was surprised that the 1895 publication gave the same date of birth for Emma that she had.  There are two images that are a part of this post. The first summarizes Clark's information and the second discusses his children.

The children of Clark are right in terms of sex and number, but it is also interesting that the date of birth matches precisely the one that Emmar gave in deposition. 

The consistency is not proof, but it is pretty strong information and the consistency is hard to ignore. In this case, the was already  pretty strong with out this information.
Emmar Osenbaugh deposition, 24-25 Oct 1918, Emmar Osenbaugh, widow’s pension application no. 772,537; service of John Osenbaugh (Pvt. Co. H, 7th Ill., Inf., Civil War); Case Files of Approved Pension Applications, 1861-1934; Civil War and Later Pension Files; Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15; National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Sargent, Aaron, and John S. Sargent. 1895. Sargent genealogy Hugh Sargent, of Courteenhall, Northamptonshire, and his descendants in England by John S. Sargent ... William Sargent, of Malden, New England, and his descendants in America by Aaron Sargent. Somerville, Mass: Sargent

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