Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guardians "Expense Report" from 1883

In some guardianship cases, guardians will list specific expenses and may even include receipts with their reports. Maria Cawiezell took a minimalist approach to her expenses statements for the children (her own) for which she was guardian. There was money the children had from the estate of their deceased father, Anton. Usually in every year, Maria stated the balance in the children's account and what the interest was that had been earned. Whenever she took any money for children's expenses, it was always the interest income (or less). Never were any receipts turned in.

While this is slightly different from the norm, my take is that the amount she was requesting was nominal for the support of the children and, since it was unreasonable, the judge did not require any further documentation.

This guardianship was discussed in the issue of Casefile Clues that was just sent to subscribers (issue 39). There were other issues in the record discussed in the newsletter--a little more interesting than the lack of receipts.

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