Thursday, June 30, 2011

Selected Scans from Louis Demar's Pullman Employment Records

This post contains a few selected images from the pages I received for the Pullman Car Company records on Louis Demar. These records were discussed in an earlier issue of Casefile Clues from year 1 (37), but I've decided to post a few more images here on the blog. Most of the information is fairly straight forward, but the amount of information in the files does vary from one person to another. Another file I have is for a worker who died in the 1910s and his file does not contain as much information.

The card below provides information on where Louis was born and where his father was born. It also asked how many children he had.

I'm not quite certain what the key means in the last column of the above card. Suggestions about that are welcome.

We won't write about the Pullman Car Company files again (probably), but they may be mentioned in passing in an upcoming article at some point. Louis Demar actually returned to Clinton County, New York, after he retired from Pullman.

The Newberry Library has material on the Pullman Car Company and the records are housed at the South Suburban Genealogical Society.

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