Tuesday, June 7, 2011

William Gibson Estate Accounting 20 Years After Death?

This document from Harford County, Maryland, is more than a little confusing. From May of 1816, it appears to be settling the estate William Gibson who died in the 1790s. The name of the widow is correct for William, and the names of the children are correct. The only thing is that the daughters are apparently listed with their maiden name instead of their married names.
I need to do a little more work to determine if this is the William I think it is--after all, the first names of the wife and children matching is a pretty good sign.
The last names of the daughters are slightly odd as is the final accounting twenty-some years after William's death.

Stay tuned.


  1. do you know how the decedent passed? it may be that he disappeared and there was a wait before he was declared dead--however, 20 years seems excessive. also, he may have left the area (go west, young man), and only 20 years later did the family learn of his death. any number of scenerios come to mind, but those are the leads. remember, when people left to go west, unless they wrote letters or were visited by someone or sent word through someone, they were never heard from again.

  2. William Gibson (Sr.) died in the 1790s, most likely at a "normal age" and most likely near where he lived. By the 1790s, at least one of his children had been married for twenty years, so he was not young when he died. I'm thinking there's probably some other reason, or maybe someone was just dragging their feet.