Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charting Out the Children

Regular readers of Casefile Clues know that I'm big on charts. There are several reasons, but it basically boils down to organizing what you have and extracting the essentials to create a chart helps the genealogist to ferret out key elements.

This chart is part of one that was used in the latest issue of Casefile Clues. Part of our work in this family was to locate as many family members in 1880 as possible (which is still being done). The only real information we had was the 1870 census and an 1875 poor farm register for some of the children. This chart was part of what I am using to keep my searches of the 1880 census straight.

It's also helping me to determine when people with different names might be the same individuals. But until I have sufficient reason, I'm working under the premise that every different name is a different person.

For a variety of reasons, I'm waiting on locating these children in 1900 until I've looked at some other records. 1880 to 1900 is quite a time gap, the children could easily have moved and Smiths are difficult to find as it is. Hopefully other records will provide details to help focus those 1900 and later searches.

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