Friday, July 22, 2011

Davidson County Tennessee Marriages at

Casefile Clues readers know that the latest issue partially discussed some marriage records from Davidson County, Tennessee.

They were obtained from a database at titled Tennessee State Marriages 1780-2002. The images came from microfilm of records at the Tennessee State Archives. The problem was that the images did not make it clear where the images on the microfilm was obtained. Also the handwriting to me at least, did not appear to be from the 1790-1810 era (the time period I was interested in).

The image at the head of this post is a reduced one of the page of interest--the marriage of Aquilla Jones and Lettie Cooke in 1798. The heading of the page is shown here in an enlarged image.

I know that people make typos, however it would be odd for someone in the 1790s, to make the error that it was 1995 or so.

I wish's documentation of where these records were obtained was better. It is one thing to have to create my own citations. It is another to have to figure out where the records came from in the first place.

Of course, it gives me something to write about, but I'd rather write about interpreting and analyzing records.

We'll have an update as more information is obtained. I've got an email in to the Nashville Archivist.

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