Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Find the "Likely" Adopted Child of James and Elizabeth Rampley

(we have a winner--less than a half hour after posting...details coming)

The first respondent to find the likely adopted son of James and Elizabeth (Chaney) Rampley will win a year of Casefile Clues. Current subscribers who win can choose to either extend their subscriptions or give their subscription to someone else. Your submission must contain a complete, accurate citation to the record that indicates where the adopted child of James and Elizabeth Rampley is living in 1910.

James (1803-1884) and Elizabeth Rampley (1804-1883) informally adopted a son named Montevelli. James and Elizabeth lived in Hancock County, Illinois, from 1849 until their deaths. They died in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

That information should be enough to find where the likely adopted son likely was living in 1910. Your entry should indicate a complete census citation (direct links to Ancestry.com are fine if you have Ancestry.com, but that's not necessary). Of course, there are some "issues" with the adopted son and not all information is consistent.

Submissions must be made electronically to casefileclues@gmail.com. Submissions to other email addresses will NOT be accepted. The first correct submission as determined by Michael John Neill will be the winner. Good luck.

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