Monday, July 4, 2011

Find Minerva and Win A Year of Casefile Clues

Find Minerva's place of death and burial and get a year of Casefile Clues.

To win this contest, your entry to, must contain two things:
  • Date and place of death for Minerva Sargent. Include the source (website).
  • Place of burial for Minerva Sargent. Include the source (website).
  • First correct answer wins. Michael John Neill is the sole arbiter of this contest.
  • There is an answer to this online as MJN has already found it.
  • Winners in the last two weeks are not eligible to play.
Minerva is listed as Landon in the 1850 and 1860 census as shown, but Landon was her step-father's surname. The Iowa State Census lists her birth surname of Sargent. You must sent a citation for the answers to both questions. Minerva was born in approximately 1848 as evidenced in the 1850 and 1860 census records shown below. Her father was Clark Sargent and her step-father was Asa Landon/Langdon.

Illinois Census 1850 Owen, Winnebago County,
  • Asa Landon, aged 41, male, farmer, $400 real estate, born Canada
  • Mary Landon, aged 39, female, born Canada
  • Emma Landon, aged 10, female, born Canada
  • Lucretia Landon, aged 8, female, born Canada
  • Ira Landon, aged 6, male, born New York
  • Martha Landon, aged 4, female, born Illinois
  • Minerva Landon, aged 2, female, born Illinois
  • Edwin Landon, aged 3/12, male, born Illinois
  • Nelson Witesall, aged 25, male, born Canada

1854 Iowa State Census--Davis County, Iowa

1860 Census, Benton Township, Christian County, Missouri
  • Asa Landon, aged 62, male, farmer, New York
  • Luxesy, aged 18, female, born New York
  • Martha, aged 16, female, born Canada?
  • Ira[nn?], aged 14, female, born Illinois
  • [Mariana?], aged 12, female, born Illinois
  • Edwin [T?], aged 9, male, born Illinois
  • Roxey, aged 7, female, born Illinois

Emma Sargent Osenbaugh gave the following testimony in her Civil War Widow's pension in regards to her family in 1918:

"My father was Clark Sargent and my mother was Mary Lucinda Dingman."
"When I was 8 years old we left Canada and went to Winnebago Co. Ill."
"While living there my mother married Asa Langdon..."

"I had one brother and three sisters and one half-brother and one half-sister."

"I have one sister, Minerva Stroble, wife of Mike Stroble, a tailer, some place in Chicago, Ill."

Emma goes on to mention her sister Lucretia Price and Martha Bell (deceased) and her deceased brother Ira Sargent.

You do NOT need to use any fee-based genealogy databases in order to win this contest!

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