Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winner in Find Adopted Son of James and Elizabeth Rampley

Melanie S. won a year of Casefile Clues by finding who I think likely is the adopted son of James and Elizaebeth Rampley.

This post will be brief (and citationless, but there's enough detail here to find the materials that were used). James and Elizabeth are enumerated in the 1850-1880 census in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois. For purposes of the contest, three census enumerations for James and Elizabeth Rampey are worthy of note:

  • 1860--a 14 year old, Montevelli (or something like that) Lobb is listed.
  • 1870--a 13 year old Montevelli Harness is listed.
  • 1880--a 22 year old Montevelli Rampley is listed as an adopted son.
The Illinois State Marriage Index at the Illinois State Archives indicates a Montivelle Harness married a Jennie Meltabarger in 1881(FamilySearch says 1882). 

There is a cancelled marriage application in Oklahoma on FamilySearch for a Montville Harness and Ella Boyer in December of 1901 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. 

A Montevill and Ella Harness are living in 1910 in Torrance County, New Mexico. Montevill is listed with a step-daughter, Bessie Boyer (dwelling 313, family 346, sheet 12B, ED 275, Estancia Precinct 7). Montevill is listed as a 44-year-old native of Illinois. 

We might have a longer more detailed update on him later. This was supposed to be a simple contest, but as I researched Montevill more, I've got even more questions. 

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more contests. 

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