Friday, August 19, 2011

Reka Sartorius Found in 1880-We Have A Winner

We have a winner in our "Find Reka Sartorius in 1880" contest. Joan H. submitted this reference for which she wins a year of Casefile Clues (congratulations!!!), which does appear to be the census entry for the desired individual. S. Frederick (granddaughter), aged 14 appears to be Fredericka.

Reka (Fredericka) Sartorius was the daughter of Hinrich and Trientje (Behrens) Sartorius. Reka is not enumerated with her parents in the 1880 Adams County, Illinois census for Northeast Township. All the grandchildren of Ulfert and Fredericka Behrens were analyzed for another Reka to whom the census enumeration could be referring. There were none. The last name of Behrens for her appears to be an error, and the initial "S" could have been a reference to her last name of Sartorius.

The entry for Ulfert Bhrens is from Adams County, Clayton Township, page 55B (shown above) .

An additional confusing factor in this enumeration is that there actually were three individuals in the household whose names were actually Fredericka. The wife of Ulfert was named Fredericka and the two granddaughters were actually named Fredericka as well. The "Mary" listed is of an age consistent to have been another Fredericka Behrens/Sartorius--daughter of Ulfert and Fredericka Behren's daughter Volke Behrens Sartorius. It has been surmised that slightly different names were used as three Frederickas in the same household might have been slightly confusing.

We'll have a more complete version of the analysis in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues.

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