Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thinking About Emmar's Pension File

I've been thinking about Emmar's (Sargent) Osenbaugh's Civil War Widow's pension file.

I don't have time to transcribe the entire thing. I already have it in paper and PDF formats. What I would like to do is create a table/database for the various documents in the file. I have numbered each document--one number per page or sheet. I'm thinking my table/database should contain at least the following items:

  • Date of document
  • Title of document
  • Citation for document
  • Names on the document
  • Page numbers
  • Locations mentioned in document
  • Miscellaneous
I was thinking of including a column for "statements of facts," but decided this might start getting into transcribing the document, which I didn't want to do for this table. I really think the table should be a finding aid since I'm not going to transcribe the entire set of papers.

Any thoughts?


  1. Try to think of everything you may want to search on, as going back and repopulating data will be a real bear.

  2. That was my thought exactly--that all searchable terms need to be included in the table or database. Some of the testimonies mention Emmar's marriages and I'm thinking that somehow those should be referenced as well. Retrofitting it after I'm done is not ideal.