Friday, August 12, 2011

Win A Year of Casefile Clues--Find Sophia Trautvetter in 1870

I have never been able to find Sophia Elizabeth (Derle) Trautvetter in the 1870 United States Census. I will give a year of Casefile Clues to the first person to send a complete citation for where Sophia Trautvetter is in 1870 (State, County, Township, page, line). 

Sophia was born in Thuringen Germany, in 1808. She married George Trautvetter in Germany sometime before they came to the United States in 1853. The settled on a farm in Rocky Run Township, Hancock County, Illinois. Sophia has been located in the 1860 census in Rocky Run Township. Her husband returned to Germany (by himself) in 1869 and Sophia remained in the United States. She is buried with her son and his wife in the Bethany United Church of Christ Cemetery in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois.


A reader asked me if I was certain Sophia stayed in the US when George returned, and I'm not. What I know is:

  • George and Sophia sold all their real estate in Illinois in 1869
  • George died in Germany in 1871, where church records state he lived as a "retiree" with his family still in America and that he returned due to "marital difficulties."
  • A son's biography states that George returned to Germany and died "while on a visit." 
  • Sophia is buried in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois--and I highly doubt her body was returned to the US for burial as George is buried in Germany.
So--if you cannot find her in 1870 and she did return to Germany for a visit--then she should be on a passenger manifest--between 1869 and 1877 when she died. Either submitting her 1870 census enumeration or her 1869-1877 manifest will win the contest. Do not submit her 1853 passenger manifest. That does NOT count. 

Her tombstone is posted online here:

Send your submission, complete with citation of entry to Michael at This is the ONLY address to where entries should be sent. Contest open until we have a winner. Good Luck. If you have won a contest in the past two months, you are NOT eligible to win.

If searching for Sophia is too tiring, you can always just subscribe to Casefile Clues and worry about locating your own relatives.  


  1. I found George & Sophia in Warsaw Illinois in 1860 Census ? with 3 male Sons ..

  2. That's them in 1860. It's 1870 I'm looking for Sophia in--or the manifest--see the modification to the original contest.