Friday, August 12, 2011

Win A Year of Casefile Clues--Find Fredericka (Reka) Sartorius in 1880

This one's a little tricky--note we have a winner!

Fredericka (Reka) Sartorius was born in Adams County, Illinois, on 10 April 1865, the daughter of Hinrich and Trientje Sartorius. The family lived in the northeastern part of Adams County, near Golden and in Northeast Township. 

Fredericka married Jann Janssen in 1888 in Adams County, Illinois. 

The question is: where is she in the 1880 census? The 1880 is the only year that is a part of this contest.

Your answer must give a VALID REASON why you think Fredericka is on the census page you submit as an answer. "Just cause" or simply submitting the citation is NOT enough. A reason, clear and one that makes sense, must be given. 

We have a winner--this contest is closed.

If this search is too tiring, you can always just subscribe to Casefile Clues and worry about locating your own relatives.  

This one I KNOW the answer to already. 

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