Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Were the Habben Wills Written by the Same Person?

There is no indication on the 1889 will of Antje Fecht (shown partially below) who actually wrote it or who was the lawyer under whose direction it was written. It is possible that it was actually written by the lawyer who composed. it. The handwriting looks an awful lot like the handwriting of the 1877 will of her husband, Mimke.

Below are several sentences from the 1877 will of Mimke Habben which was discussed in the very first issue of Casefile Clues

Both documents are filed in their respective estate packets with other probate records originally maintained by the Hancock County, Illinois, Circuit Clerk. The actual probate packets are housed in the office of the Hancock County Recorder. Complete citations are given in the issues of Casefile Clues where these documents appear.

The will of Antje will be discussed in the next issue of Casefile Clues to be released.

Looks to me like these documents were written by the same person. Do readers have an thoughts?

Readers of Casefile Clues will see why it is slightly ironic that the same person wrote both documents.

Of course, if I were using the transcribed copies of the wills in the county's "records of wills" comparing the handwriting would only mean the same office clerk copied the wills, and that would not tell me anything about the authors of them.

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