Saturday, September 17, 2011

Winner in the Find Elias Apgar in 1880 Chicago, Illinois, Census

CR of the greater Chicago area found this 1880 census reference, which I'm reasonably certain is the Elias Apgar who was the subject of our Casefile Clues contest. Congratulations!

It doesn't answer any "big" questions, but it does explain where Elias was located in 1880. His wife is enumerated as "Louise" and not Ann, Anne, or Anna, but otherwise things are pretty much a match.

In a nutshell, here is why I think it is him:

  • The ages of Elias and Louise are within two years of their ages on their death certificates
  • The address 325 (Illinois Street is not shown in the image post, but that's the street being enumerated on this page of the census). 
  • Occupation is consistent with city directory and reasonably consistent with his death certificate. 

1880 U. S. Census
  • City of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
  • Enumeration district 190
  • Page 475C
  • Family 267
  • lines 40 and 41
  • obtained digitally on on 17 September 2011

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