Friday, November 18, 2011

Enumerated in Two States in 1860?

1860 Census, Macon County, Missouri, household of Wesley Jones

This entry was briefly discussed in issue 51 of volume 2 of Casefile Clues. I won't repeat that discussion here, but our purpose in issue 51 was establishing a list of children for Wesley Jones, using his probate as a springboard. Census records were used to establish birth year ranges for those children.

The last two individuals in Wesley's household really didn't make sense--they are both listed as females who married within the census year. That is a little bit strange. We put off a discussion of these two individuals, but readers will remember that Wesley had a daughter Matilda. 

The entry that follows is for John Rhodus in Breckenridge County, Kentucky, in 1860. There is a couple here that were married within the census year as well--William and Matilda Rhodus. 

In issue 52 we will see why I think it's reasonable that the "married females" from the Wesley Jones household could be the married couple from the John Rhodus household.

You may not necessarily agree with my conclusion, but we will lay out the rationale in issue 52.

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