Monday, November 7, 2011

Only 1 Out of 300 Stones

Actually this "find" found me thanks to my earlier blog post on Lucinda (Sargent) Fairman

Work on Lucinda, who lived in a Shaker community in Enfield, New Hampshire, has taken a back seat to other things. However, a contributor to Findagrave recently photographed her tombstone in the Shaker Cemetery in Enfield, New Hampshire. According to the information on the cemetery on Findagrave, Lucinda's stone is the only one remaining. It's not often I get that lucky--over 300 burials and the only stone left is the one I actually need. 

This photograph of her stone was taken by Nicole S Vecchi and is used here with her permission.   

The Findagrave entry can be viewed here

Hopefully we'll have periodic updates on Lucinda and her life in the Shaker community. 


  1. So glad you found her!!!! I will never be able to find the grave of my Samuel Bixby who was in the Revolutionary war. The headstones were all removed and leaned against a barn because a women who bought the farm didn't like looking at them while she ate breakfast. The Farmers Museum in Cooperstown bought the headstones and now they are in their museum :( The graves are in Bainbridge, New York and were burials of the Vermont Sufferers and important point in New York history.

  2. It is a very rare thing to get that lucky but like the lottery, someone wins. I've had a couple of those knock you on the butt situations and they are very sweet indeed. Congratulations!