Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is the Issue with Wesley Jones' 1860 Census Entry?

There is something a little bit unusual about this 1860 census entry for Wesley Jones in Macon County, Missouri. The entry for the Jones household is shown below. It is just one in a series of records discussed in the next issue of Casefile Clues.

The "issue" with this entry (or at least what I see as the main issue with it) isn't germane to issue 51 and so it is briefly acknowledged in the issue. We'll discuss the issue in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues and what I think was "right."
Do you see the "issue" with the entry? The entire image of the census page is shown below, but you really don't need to see the entire image to hopefully see what I see as the issue with this. Although knowing what the column headings mean will be helpful. 


  1. Value of real estate is 1200, value of personal estate should contain real estate but is less??

  2. The persons listed on lines 14 & 15 are both marked as female, yet both married within the year. Polygomy or absentee husbands?

  3. Values are separate amounts, so they could easily be different and either one could be higher.