Saturday, November 26, 2011

William Rhodus Before 1860

One of the difficulties with some individuals is finding them "before" their marriage. That is the case with William Rhodes or Rhodes who is shown here in his 1880 census enumeration in Chariton County, Missouri. Originally I "wrote off" the Rhodus spelling, but now I am beginning to think it was more of a potential clue than I realized. I also don't think his age in 1880 is 49, but rather it is 49--look at the "8" in the "18" for the age of son George.

The 1870 Census for William in Macon County, indicates the same spelling of his last name: Rhodus.

The name of the wife is different, but her actual name was Lucretia Matilda--explaining the difference. Notice that the ages are pretty much ten years different.

The 1900 Census for William (his last) shows him as a widow in Garfield County, Oklahoma. Again the last name is written as Rhodus.

The Rhodus spelling is significant, even if a few documents on his children don't always use that spelling.

We're wrapping up an article on William--where I think I've found him twice in the 1850 census. Stay tuned.

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