Tuesday, December 6, 2011

William and Matilda in 1860?

The census image that is a part of this blog post contains a William and Matilda Rhodus in the household of John Rhodus in Breckinridge County, Kentucky in 1860. They were married within the census year. Casefile Clues readers will remember that in issue 52 (volume 2) we discussed another William and Matilda Rhodus who were married in the 1860 census year. That William and Matilda were living in Kentucky.

In issue 1--the next one to be released, we'll look at whether or not this couple is the same one discussed in issue 52. Readers will remember that our searches of the 1860 census so far have not located BOTH William and Matilda. Maybe this is them.

We will make the case, see the weaknesses, and where to go next in issue 1. Sometimes research is not always complete and demonstrating the process is a good thing as well.

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