Monday, October 31, 2011

Volunteer Soldier Home Records

This is the "Home History" section of the entry for Claude Sartorius in the United States National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers register for the Danville, Illinois facility. This record was recently used to determine why Claude was in Danville when his mother died in Quincy, Illinois, in the 1920s. The petition to probate her will in Adams County, Illinois, was discussed in a recent issue of Casefile Clues.

Claude's military career was not germane to the issue being discussed. His residence in the home (along with another reason) made it seem unlikely that he was the opponent to his mother's will.

The entry for Claude indicates that he was a volunteer in the 28th United States Infantry from 1906 through 1909. We will have to see what records can be located of his service. His brother served in the Philippines in the 1890s as well--another military record I haven't researched completely.

The name on the register is listed as Claude Sartoris--but the nearest relative being a sister, Vola Price, of Loraine, Illinois, makes it clear I have the right person.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Win A Year of Casefile Clues-Find Ella in 1920

Our latest Win A Year of Casefile Clues Contest-- Find Ella Johnson in 1920.

According to "A Family History of the Johann Christopher Janssen and Elske Fecht Janssen", privately published in 1983 by Carrie Johnson,  (page 5) she was born on 22 May 1889 in Basco, Hancock County, Illinois, and was named Elkea Johanna Janssen and was the daughter of Jans Jurgens Janssen and Fredericka Maria (Sartorius) Janssen. She married Wilhelm (William) Tammen in Quincy, Adams, Illinois in 1922.

The question is: Where is she in the 1920 census? She has been found in 1900, 1910, and 1930 as shown below. Readers of Casefile Clues may remember that she was living in Quincy, Illinois, at the time her grandmother Sartorius' estate was settled. See below for instructions on winning the contest.

1900 Census--with John Johnson--her father--Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois

1910 Census--with John Johnson--her father--Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois
 1930 Census--with William Tammen--her husband--as Ella Tammen--St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois

Ella died in 1987 and appears in the Social Security Death Index under number 321-32-3553. 

Ella is my great-grandmother's sister. I do not know where she is located.

To win:

Submit your entry to Michael John Neill at Your submission must contain a complete citation to Ella's enumeration in 1920. Keep in mind that the enumeration should be consistent with what is known about Ella. The winning entry will be determined solely by Michael John Neill. The winner of this contest will receive a year of Casefile Clues.

Good Luck!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Next Issue--Contesting an "Old Lady"'s Will

The judge who witnessed her will referred to her as an "old lady." Trientje Sartorius wrote her will in 1920 and it was admitted to probate several years later, after a contest by an unnamed person.

The next issue of Casefile Clues looks at the will and who was not contesting the will, who might have been, and why.

Along the way, there is a discussion of the difference between heirs-at-law, legatees and devisees.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Slightly Unusual Census Entry

This is part of the 1860 census entry for Julius Bierman who is the administrator of the estate discussed in the next issue of Casefile Clues. There's something a little off with this census image--and it's not the result of any manipulation on my part? Can anyone tell what it is?

The "concern" with the image had nothing to do with the upcoming article, but I noticed it anyway ;-)

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