Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transcribing An Estate Inventory from 1792

For an upcoming article, I'm working on transcribing an inventory from Harford County, Maryland in the 1790s. What is included in this blog post are the rough images I made from the microfilm while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. I copied the "title page" from the film, so I knew what the material was. I also included in the names of the files. A listing of my file names is included in the last image of this blog post. 
 There are two scans of the first page of Ann's inventory made at a differing level of light.

This image is the top of the next page that follows the actual inventory. 

And here are the file names that I used when saving the files. Are they the best way to go? I'm not certain. However, they did serve my purpose as they included the FHL roll number, the person that I was interested in and the page number. This roll of film I'm fairly certain only had one book. My intent is to leave me enough of a trail to create the actual citation when I need it, but not take "too much" time when I'm at the library.

We'll have a transcription of the inventory and a discussion of it (along with citation) in an upcoming issue. Interesting stuff.

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