Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Was Thomas Frame's Occupation and was he from the "US?"

This is part of the passenger list for the family of Thomas and Elizabeth Frame who arrived in New York City on the Malta. Those who need a citation can see the source here--we'll include an Evidence-style citation in the newsletter, but I'm not putting those on the blog.

The question is what is Thomas' occupation. It also seemingly indicates that the family were already in the US. Those who want to see the entire image can click the thumbnail at the bottom of this post. Thomas and Elizabeth were English natives.


  1. It looks to me that his occupation was that of a mechanic. The documentation seems to read "Mech".

  2. I would have guessed "Merch" as in merchant, the book-keeper seemed to have been quite lazy in his transcription as I would imagine he means "labourer" when he writes "lab"

  3. I believe the occupation is "Mech" for mechanic. I've seen it before in census entries for some of my hubby's relatives who were blacksmiths and millwrights and similar metal-working occupations. In one case the word was spelled "mechanist" - perhaps a misspelling of machinist?

  4. The occupation of Thomas does appear to read as "Mech" on the image.
    He seems to have had various occupations in his lifetime. In the newspaper announcement of his marriage, in Carlisle, to Elizabeth on the 6th June 1862 he is described as a Plumber of Annetwell Street. Later in Chicago he is listed as a Painter in various census returns.
    The family does seem to have been in the U.S. prior to April 1867 -- while son Ralph was born in England [1863] Maggie, the daughter shown in the image, appears to have been born in Pennsylvania from the records I have seen -- none of them "Primary" unfortunately. Most recently the marriage record shown in Rootdig.