Monday, February 13, 2012

Going Back On Ann Gibson-Those Desperate Debts

FamilySearch recently released digital images of some estate records from Harford County, Maryland. This is where the estate of Ann Gibson was probated. Some of her estate records were discussed in an earlier issue of Casefile Clues.

In reviewing the digital images, admittedly more slowly than when I was at the Family History in Salt Lake City, I noticed a reference that i had overlooked before.

The image above is part of the "G" section of the 1778-1794 Estate Inventories for Harford County. I easily noticed the entry for Ann Gibson (with the 270 page reference). What had originally eluded me in my haste, was the entry below, which states:

"Ditto Desperate Debts"

Of course, the "Ditto" refers to the entry above. The page number for the list of desperate debts was also out of order--241. The list of desperate debts, shown in this post as well, may not appeal helpful on the surface, but it does provide me with names of individuals with whom Ann was associated. This is something not easily done with females during this era.

It had not "clicked" on me that this list of debts could give me clues as to Ann's associates until I started this blog entry. And that's just another quick reminder of the importance of writing.

This may just give me another article topic. Debts owed to females during this era may be a big clue.

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