Monday, April 16, 2012

Eliza Burch Death Certificate

We're continuing work on Eliza Burch for an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues--just what focus really depends on what information can be located.  This is part of her death certificate that I obtained last year while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake.

This death certificate was also transcribed at indexed on the Washington State Archives-Digital Archives website as shown in this image:
Of course, since I have the actual image I'm not going to bother citing the transcription in my files or in my database. But it was a very helpful finding aid.

When I make copies from Family History Library microfilm, time is always short. To help me track my sources, I always take a scan of the "cover sheet" for the microfilm--usually shown before any record images.
Of course, the real goal with Eliza is to work on her father's probable connection to Benjamin Butler--born about 1820 in New York State. Benjamin is the actual ancestor of interest. As newsletter readers know, Benjamin moved around quite a bit and didn't always leave the most detailed records.

Stay tuned.

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