Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eliza Burch--Partial Update

Readers will remember that an affidavit from the Civil War Widow's pension file for Eliza Burch was discussed in the last issue of Casefile Clues that was sent to readers. This affidavit was used to create a chronology for her, her husband, and the affiants.

It was thought that in 1910, Eliza and her husband would have been in California. They were located in Watsonville, living with a family of Coxes and Eliza listed as an Aunt in her relationship to the head of household.

We have found her death certificate in Washington State and may have a lead on getting an obituary for her.

All of the while keeping in mind that our real reason for researching Eliza is that she's a probable niece of Benjamin Butler, born about 1820, probably in New York. And Benjamin is the actual person of interest. Readers know that we've discussed gaps in his life and we are hoping that Eliza will help shed some potential light on him.

Stay tuned.

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