Friday, May 4, 2012

Claims 110 Years After the War Provide Clues

One of the problems with Elam Blaine who died in Delaware County, Ohio, in the 1840s is that he left no estate record or probate to delineate his heirs.  Fortunately, his Revolutionary War pension (particularly the application of his widow Katharine) lists at least the names of his children. The boys are not the problem--it is the daughters.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that several of those daughters married in Pennsylvania where marriage records are difficult to obtain.

The married name of one daughter is provided in the pension file. Her name was Katharine (Blaine) Wickiser. It is the others that is the problem.

However, there is a letter from January of 1912 that may shed some light on the problem. A minister from Mishawaka, Indiana, wrote a letter on behalf of Mrs. Miriam E. Pierce requesting information on whether she was entitled to Elam Blaine's military warrant.

Blaine's widow had already received his warrant so Pierce was out. However, in the letter regarding her request, it is stated that Pierce's grandmother was a daughter of Elam Blaine. Perhaps if we can trace the ancestry of Miriam Pierce, it may be possible to find one more daughter of Elam Blaine.

Unless of course, Katharine (Blaine) Wickiser is the grandmother. But it's worth a shot to give this "backwards research" a try.

26 January 1918 letter from A. C. Ormond to Commissioner of Pensions on  behalf of Miriam E. Pierce in regards to the bounty land warrant of Revolutionary War veteran Elam Blaine.

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