Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elam Blain's Descendant Wants His Patent

30 January 1912 letter from Pension Commissioner to A. C. Ormond
Those unfamiliar with Revolutionary War pensions may be surprised to find that there are often letters decades after the pensioner's death in the file. This is a letter written in response to an inquiry about obtaining Elam Blain's bounty land for Revolutionary War service. These letters can potentially contain significant details about descendants of the pensioner, frequently descendants who were hoping to get a benefit from their ancestor's service.

If I had been unaware of the fact that a bounty land application had been received for Blain's service, this letter made it fairly clear.

Of course, there is also an indication on the "cover packet" of Blain's pension that he received a bounty land warrant.

The cover of Elam Blain's pension packet--notice the indication that a bounty land warrant "BLW 5213-160-55" appears in the right hand portion.
I've got a copy of Elam Blain's entire pension file. A search of the Bureau of Land Management website referenced the patent that was issued for Blain's service. Of course the patent was actually issued in someone else's name--the assignee of Catharine Blaine, Elam's widow.
Land Patent issued to Titus Knox, assignee of Catharine Blain, widow of Elam Blain
Next on my list is to get a copy of the actual warrant from the National Archives.

And there's another clue in one of those "give me great-grandpa's land" letters that may help with the research. We'll discuss Blain's pension in more detail in upcoming issues of Casefile Clues.

Stay Tuned!

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