Saturday, May 26, 2012

Migration Clues in Surrendered Bounty Land Warrant

The image that accompanies this post is from the surrendered bounty land warrant file for Catharine Blain, based upon Elam Blain's Revolutionary War service.

I wrote about Catharine's application in a recent issue of Casefile Clues. If the depositions in her application had not provided a time frame for the family's move from Muskingum County into Delaware County, this document would have been helpful.

The color scans of these documents are wonderful. We'll be discussing these materials in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues.

The image that is included in this post has been reduced from the original TIFF scan that I received. The original file was 52Mb and it has been reduced in size for our blog post here. Readers who want to see the entire thing can click on the image below for a the original sized image.

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  1. I've followed your posts about the Alam Blain family for several years now, since he was one of my 4ggrandfathers, and I appreciate the insights you've offered. However, I can't help but wonder why you refer to the Rev. War pensioner as "Elam." I have found no documentary evidence that his name was spelled that way, aside from the 1820 & 1830 US census. His son, yes. But the Rev. War Rolls, depreciation pay lists, pension application, pension lists, and even his headstone show his first name beginning with A, not E. There are variations in spelling, like Alam, Alem, Alaim, and even Adam, but they begin with A. So not only is it more accurate to spell his name "Alam," as shown on his 1 May 1818 and 10 Aug 1820 depositions, but it also makes it easier to differentiate him from his son, Elem. Perhaps you've explained your rationale in Casefile Clues, which I don't subscribe to, or maybe I just missed a post in the past. But could you give us a refresher?