Thursday, May 3, 2012

Provenance, Legal Papers, Warrantee and Quit Claim Deeds

 I returned from a short trip to visit my parents and do a little bit of court house research for an upcoming article today.

I received a copy of some estate papers that were in the collection of an attorney who passed away some time ago. One of the issues I'm working in involves the provenance of these papers. I have no doubt that they are what they say they are but this is always a concern with materials of this type that are not "official" copies of records or materials. How something gets to your possession should always be documented in your files--at least as best you can.

I copied a warrantee deed from 1881 from a relative where he deeded property to his mother that he would not technically own until after she died. I'm working on determining how "standard" this situation was.

Stay tuned.

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