Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thinking Outloud About Some Names

This is a longshot and may have absolutely nothing to do with the problem I'm working on, but I'll at least throw my thoughts out there.

The next issue of Casefile Clues discusses an 1848 affidavit made by Rebecca Mullen in the Revolutionary War pension application of Catharine Blain, widow of Elam Blain. According to a WorldConnect posting--not the most reliable thing in the world, Rebecca has several children including one named Aden Mullin. One of the other deponents is a man named Rulif Adams whose first name may have actually been Roolf.

I've only started working on these families and my research on them will only be complete enough to determine if they connect to the family of Catharine Blain and her husband Elam.

What is interesting is that the names Roolf and Aden appear in my mother's ancestry which hails from Ostfriesland, Germany. Roolf isn't the most unusual name, but Aden is not all that common. I'll just have to keep my eyes (and ears) open.

Name origins can sometimes be a clue. There may be more to this later--or it may be a coincidence that turns out to be a dead end.

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