Friday, June 22, 2012

They Signed the 1815 Marriage Bond

Issue 13 of Casefile Clues discussed an 1815 marriage bond and register entry from Bourbon County, Kentucky. The bond was signed by the groom and the mother of the bride.

Pretty simple on the surface.

But there were some clues that are more noticeable if one has experience with these records.

That was part of the analysis included in issue 13.

After the issue ran, I received a long email from a reader with a great deal of experience in these records. She concurred with my analysis--which was fortunate. Sometimes people don't agree with me, but it's good when others with significant experience with the records do. I haven't had time to respond to her email, but have put it on my list.

Subscribe now and see how we analyzed the marriage bond and register entry. There were clues in both.

And we've got complete citations as well--those never hurt either.

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