Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting the Whole Minor's Pension

After having a conversation with the lady who sometimes obtains copies of things for me from the National Archives, I've decided to obtain the entire file as mentioned in an earlier post.

Sometimes obtaining a copy of the entire Union Civil War pension file is cost-prohibitive, particularly if the veteran lived to an advanced age, had health issues, and had a widow apply after his death. Some of these files are full of medical reports, which may not always provide genealogically relevant information. One always has to balance the need for an exhaustive search with the reality of the budget.

However, in this case, the file "should not be too large." Mainly this is because:

  • the veteran died in the war--there won't be medical reports on him.
  • the widow married within a few years of his death--thus ending her pension in his name.
  • the child aged out of the pension system at 16. 
Pensioners who live for decades after the war may re-apply as new laws are enacting which effect their eligibility, pension amount, etc. That won't be the case with this pension, so I'm opting for getting everything. We'll have an update after the images have made their way to my inbox. 

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