Monday, July 2, 2012

Just The 1850 Census

It may seem a little bit strange, but the most recent issue of Casefile Clues analyzes just one record on a family: the 1850 census.

I've got the family in every extant census federal and state census record. I've got copies of land transactions, biographies, military pension records for the sons, copies of marriage records, etc. And yet the last issue only discussed the 1850 census as if there was nothing else on the family.


Because sometimes when just one document is analyzed, and others are kept waiting until later and clues from other documents are kept out of mind's reach (as best as can be done), clues are noticed that might not be as clear when a large number of documents are being analyzed simultaneously. Assumptions were made about the enumeration and it was determined what that enumeration (and not other records) told us.

Of course that doesn't mean the enumeration is correct.

But sometiemes we need to analyze something separately to determine if there are unnoticed clues.

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