Thursday, August 23, 2012

1876 Deed May Provide Migration Clues

I mentioned this newspaper item from 1876 on the blog, but thought I'd discuss it here in a little more detail.

I'm curious about this mother-son deed, partially because inter-family transactions are always interesting, but this one is around the time the family was moving and it may provide clues as to where the mother had left--if she sold the property after her departure. The deed of acquisition by Schwantje and deed of "disposition" by Jurgen may also shed additional clues to the family's migration.

Given that the consideration is $400, this does not appear to be a "love and consideration" deed. It is always possible that there might be something else on the deed besides the normal boilerplate text.

In 1876 apparently Golden, Illinois, was still referred to as Keokuk Junction. That's not a huge clue, but one always needs to be aware of names for locations that are no longer used.

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