Friday, November 23, 2012

Neighbors in Michigan and Canada

Work on Rufus D. Stephens is slowly progressing.

Rufus D. is one of three adjacent households in the 1850 Census of St.Clair County, Michigan:

The following household of Arvin Butler was accidentally removed from this image. Benjamin Butler's wife, Margaret's maiden name was Stephens and it is possible that she has some connection to the neighbor Rufus D. next door. Arvin Butler and Benjamin Butler are suspected of being brothers given their geographic and age proximity in the 1850 census and the fact that both migrated to St. Joseph County a few years later, settling there as near neighbors.

Interestingly enough, I just discovered in an online 1842 Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario, census that both an Arvin Butler and Rufus D. Stephens were living in that locality. This means that they were neighbors in 1842 as well as 1850. Benjamin could have not quite been married or not yet in his own household at that point in time (given the ages of his children in the 1850 enumeration above).

Searching for the neighbors is helping on this one--stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Preliminary Chart for Rufus D. Stephens

I've been writing about the several items I've found on Rufus D. Stephens who was in New York State from at least 1805 through 1817. These include newspaper accounts, census records, and a War of 1812 confiscated horse claim.

To keep myself straight, I've made a partially handwritten chart. This was done to help with the geography as well as the chronology. So far it's helped me determine that the Lewis County Rufus probably isn't the one for which I'm looking, but we'll discuss the reasons in an upcoming issue--along with a cleaned up chart. Sometimes pencil is a little faster.

Monday, November 19, 2012

An 1817 Horse Claim Transcribed

We're working on an 1817 claim for a horse confiscated during the War of 1812.

[click on the image to view in larger form]

My initial attempt at a transcription follows. There are a few formatting issues I'm working on, but  this is the essence of it.

Ontario County                 )
State of New York           )
Ss                                            )              Personally appeared before me-Samuel Jett Esq. one of the Justices of the Peace in & for Said County Rufus D Stephens Who being duly Saith that he entered the service of the  United States in the Month of April 1814 in a Company of New York State Cavalry Commanded by Capt. Isaac W Stone & deponent further Saith that he took into the Service a good & Sufficient Horse of the Value of Eighty Dollars & deponent further says that on the 19th day of July 1814 the Hors of this deponent was taken by order of R Jorras Ast Adjt Genl into the Regular Service without the knowledg or consent of this deponent & the said horse was never after returned to this deponent & was for ever lost to this deponent for Which he has not been paid or compensated or has any other Person for him & deponent further says that his horse so lost was without any fault or neglect on his part Sworn to before me this 21st day of March 1817
                                                                                                                R D Stephens

Saml Lott J P


Below is an image for our citation

Feel free to post comments on the transcription.

Stay tuned....

Issue 23 Is Out

At long last, issue 23 is out. Email me at if you have missing issues.