Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trip to Rockford, Illinois

Over the holiday break, I'm planning a research trip to Winnebago County, Illinois. Regular readers will know that we have discussed Clark Sargent in several issues of Casefile Clues. Clark supposedly died in Winnebago County, Illinois, in the late 1840s, leaving behind several children, including my ancestor Ira Sargent.

Based upon what I know about Clark, here's what I'm searching while at the courthouse:

  • Property records-Clark purchased forty acres of federal property and apparently owned it at the time of his death. Determining how it was transferred to subsequent ownership may provide additional information on Clark and his family.
  • Probate/guardianship records-Clark, if he died when he supposedly did, left minor children while still owning real property. There should be probate records to settle Clark's estate or guardianship records for his children.
  • Divorce or court records--Clark's daughter Emmar refers to him as a "gadabout" and indicates that he left and was never heard from again when giving testimony in her Civil War's widow pension application. It is possible she was wrong about his "never" being heard from again, but if she was there may be divorce records given that Clark's "widow" married again.
We'll keep you posted. 

The Blog is Back

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