Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Appointment by Lincoln?

Journal of the proceedings of the Senate of the United States in executive session. (Thirty-eighth Congress, first session, commencing December 7, 1863.)

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1863  

Publication: Senate Executive Proceedings Vol. 13; p. 498; digital image from Genealogybank.com

It has been a while since we've looked at the family of George Rothweiler. 

This reference to George was located in the Senate journal as indicated above.

The question is whether or not this George is the same George Rothweiler I am working on in St. Louis. 

There are some records that hint that this may be the same man as the brewer I'm researching in St. Louis who married into my extended Trautvetter family.

Stay tuned.

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