Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little About Casefile Clues

For those who are unaware:

Casefile Clues accepts nor solicits advertising in our newsletter or on our website. There are several reasons why doing so would be beneficial, but we chose not to accept any advertising and there are no plans to do so. That way we're not "holdin" to anyone and our only agenda is helping your research--not promoting someone's blog, website, book, etc. We do appreciate those who let others know about our newsletter--word of mouse advertising does help.

Casefile Clues has one part-time employee, Madaleine Laird as our copy editor/proofreader. All other tasks are handled by me.  That means that sometimes it takes a while before a request regarding a missing issue or subscription gets answered. We appreciate your patience.

Casefile Clues encourages citation of sources, accurate methodology, and getting beyond genealogical myth. I only write about families and people that I am actually researching--and almost always are related to my children in one way, shape, or form.

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