Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little About Madaleine--Our Copyeditor and More

I asked Madaleine (my copyeditor) to give us a few words about herself so that readers would know a little more about her and the process we go through in completing Casefile Clues. I appreciate her assistance in helping us put Casefile Clues together and make it a unique publication in the genealogical world.

Here's what she had to say:
I live in Northern Virginia, just a short Metro ride away from the Library of Congress. I'm happy to announce that I've finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon with KinfoLit, where I write about the search in research. My tagline is "information literacy for genealogists, family historians, biographers, and anyone else who just can't let go of the past." Information literacy isn't just about being tech-savvy. It's about developing the skills to execute that first important step in the genealogical research process, the reasonably exhaustive search. I also enjoy live-tweeting genealogy events as @kinfolit. The Kansas Historical Foundation awarded me the Edward N. Tihen Historical Research Grant, so in late April, I'm heading off to the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka! My project is titled Piecing Together a Kansas Woman's Community: The Regina Mills Chambers Signature Quilt as Historical Record.
I started proofreading Casefile Clues in July 2010, and the workflow hasn't changed much since then. MJN sends me a Word document, I mark it up using the Track Changes feature, he sends back a PDF document, and I give him my final corrections in the text of an email. Though the process remains the same, my editing has evolved beyond simply making sure MJN's grammatical ducks are all in a row. I've been known to ask questions that get the author to think about his work in a new way, and I've also made occasional suggestions about themes for upcoming issues. 

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