Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Past Initial Assumptions

This is the 1860 census entry for Michael Trautvetter that was part of our discussion in the last issue of Casefile Clues. As mentioned in the newsletter, Michael and Margaret are indicated as having married within the census year. My initial take on the entry was that somehow the 523 numbers were either a "mistake" or that the neighboring household was perhaps Margaret's home. I originally had concluded that John Mininger was a step-son to Trautvetter and early in my research when I noticed this entry, I had not noticed the household that followed.

Another real possibility is that the 523 entries were simply "moved down" a line and John Mininger should have not been in the Trautvetter household at all. Madaleine pointed out that possibility to me during the edit process for the last issue of the newsletter and it's a valid point--and required a little rewriting to include it.

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