Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving Forward...

We're looking at making some minor changes in the Casefile Clues blog.

Casefile Clues will continue to be about research--with adequate citations (in the spirit of Evidence Explained) and with details about the research process. I continue to believe that the process is just as important as well-written organized results. I know from decades in the classroom that math students do not benefit from just clean worked out examples. They need and want to see "in-process" work--it helps them to learn. I think genealogists, life-long students that they have to be, benefit from seeing process as well--if only to think that "I don't agree with him." That's part of why Casefile Clues is written the way it is.

We are making some changes to the material that's on the blog so that readers can see a little more of how the newsletter is put together, particularly the part after I write the rough draft.

I'm pretty certain though, that readers do not want to see our editing/proofing process as part of the newsletter--that's not going to change. The main reason is that writing about commas does not interest me in the slightest. What I'm looking to do on the blog is to include some of the analysis and discussion that goes into revising the newsletter.

So stay tuned.

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